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Analyst Report

Rise one step ahead of your competitors by publishing and distributing your Analyst Research Reports.

Sponsored Research

We provide sponsored research reports for public companies that inculcate notes, alerts, updates, reports and podcasts. We publish and distribute content for public companies that look promising in terms of growth, market size, and have a less financial risk.

Target Prices

Setting a target price for low-priced, nascent level companies is not an easy task. But it becomes even more difficult when there is a little history of profits and/or operating costs. We strive to use better comparables via a Price/Sales or a price/EBITDA methodology.

Press Releases

We regularly send out a press release announcing our research coverage. We include parts from the report to make sure that the company’s investors know that there is new data with a definitive (although paid) opinion on their investment.

Sponsored Content

We usually create and send out emails to our opt-in subscribers declaring new research with parts of our reports along with a notation that we have been paid and the amount. We also advertise unique content on social media platforms for our clients.

GSCR Disclaimer

In general, our disclaimers can be found on each report, alert update, email blast, press release, or podcast webpage. See how much GSCR is paid to publish our content, that our motivation is not tied to views expressed in our content, and that data is largely derived from the companies themselves.

Accurate Analyst Reports

With experts from the financial, reporting and research sectors, MMC provides its clients with the most accurate and genuine reports.

Machine-Powered Research

State of The Art Machine Learning Tools that provide efficient results.

Human-Driven Research

Veterans & Experts in data research, finance and even analytical reporting.

Data Research Analytics

Get your data cleansed and restructured with our Data Analytics.

Highly Accurate Data Research

On-point research material and analyst reports that get more credibility.

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